Successful Completion of Gas Capture Technologies First Stage Demonstration with China’s Shanxi Mingshi Coal Seam Gas Company


Gas Capture Technologies Australia (GCT) has just successfully completed our first stage of technology demonstration with China’s Shanxi Mingshi Coal Seam Gas Group Company in July 2020.

GCT Australia has developed and installed a prototype skid-mounted PSA facility to undertake the enrichment of low concentration methane. We have successfully achieved the CH4 enrichment target from 8% to 35%, from 12% to 44% and from 15% to 50%, while maintaining the exhaust stream to be below 3% or recovery higher than 85%, through GCT’s revolutionary single step PSA and ILZ technologies (PCT Patent No. WO2016/04929A, US Patent No. US10,562,005). Comparing GCT’s novel ILZ with the activated charcoal adsorbents using similar operational conditions, the enrichment of CH4 using ILZ is 30% higher than using activated charcoal.

In our next stage demonstration, we will undertake the enrichment of CH4 from 35% to 90% through GCT’s PSA and ILZ technologies.

We look forward to continue working with our Chinese partners to ensure a great success in the commissioning of our novel technologies.

GCT Australia would like to acknowledge the Australian Government, Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources for its generous funding contribution through the Global Innovation Linkages program in making this all possible.

We would also like to acknowledge our design & fabrication partners; Donghua CNCEC & Shanxi Fenxi Electromechanical respectively for their expertise & assistance in fabricating our test rig on time & of a high standard.

Gas Capture Technologies is a spin out company developed between Oilfield Technologies & The University of Western Australia (UWA). UWA & University of Melbourne are where the original technologies were created; and have since been commercialised with the vast industry & business experience of Oilfield Technologies.

Oilfield Technologies, University of Western Australia & University of Melbourne have been all partners from the beginning; through their generous in kind contributions in support of the Global Innovation Linkages program.