Competing with the industry leaders in gas separation technologies and clean gas production, Gas Capture Technologies offers innovative solutions for the natural gas processing.

Our business ensures that the latest advances in gas separation technologies are presented as tangible business solutions.

Gas Capture Technologies provides a novel, cost-effective solution for gas processing in low-grade methane recovery technology – by using patented adsorbent materials for methane capture from unconventional gases – using an ionic liquidic zeolite (ILZ) material via simulation methods, pilot scale, and field trial experiments though industrial collaboration.

The first of its kind, our proudly Australian innovation is the first of its kind in the world. We have patented this technology and are currently working towards its commercialisation. Our award-winning staff members work for, and with numerous energy companies and organisations including the Australian Centre for LNG Futures and the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Gas Capture Technologies assist in cutting costs, improve profits and while lowering carbon emissions into the environment. By recovering and cleaning gases, we save many industries additional costs in from refineries, with our products.

The driving force behind Gas Capture Technologies is a team of specialists who ensure a high level of expertise goes into our technological research and development and the delivery of high-performance products.


David Manning – Managing Director

David has over forty-two years of diverse geoscience, petroleum engineering, production technology and management experience within the Australia, Asia-Pacific, USA & Africa Oil & Gas Industries.

David is Owner & Managing Director of Oilfield Technologies (OT). Oilfield Technologies is an integrated geoscience and petroleum engineering service company dedicated solely to improving well productivity (formation damage), Enhancing reservoir description, managing produced water & oilfield cementing-wellbore Integrity testing services. OT provides experience, advice, measurements to assist with projects. OT covers all aspects of field development from the reservoir into the wellbore to surface & topside processing.

OT work in close collaboration with oil company field development teams and capable of rapid response and mobilization to solve and assist with challenges, tasks, and needs. Oilfield Technologies is the 2019 Export Awards Winner of the CY O’Connor Award for Excellence in Engineering & Technical Design in Western Australia. This award is endorsed by the Government of Western Australia.

Dr Kevin Li – Director – Chief Investigator

Kevin leads the Separations research group in the Fluid Science and Resources Division in the University of Western Australia (UWA) School of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics. He also currently is a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

In 2020, Kevin was awarded the David & Valerie Solomon 2020 award from ATSE (The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering). The David and Valerie Solomon Award is an early-mid career award for a science or technology graduate working in academia/research or industry R&D who demonstrates substantial ability to foster research-industry collaboration and knowledge transfer for the benefit of Australia.

In 2015 Kevin was awarded the Woodside Oil and Gas Encouragement Award and Perth Convention Bureau Travel Award at the WA Innovator of the Year Awards. His research is in the area of novel technologies for gas separation, in particular, carbon capture and methane recovery in the energy sector.

Professor Eric May – Director – Technical

Professor Eric May is an internationally recognised leader in the areas of fluid science, thermodynamics, metrology and natural gas engineering. His development and use of measurement technology has produced explanations for long-standing scientific mysteries, revealed unexpected physical phenomena, and helped improve industrial processes.

Real-world outcomes of Professor May’s research include reducing the cost and environmental impact of liquefied natural gas (LNG) production, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from coal mines and optimising air conditioning cycles based on new, environmentally-friendly refrigerants. His work has also helped difficult offshore gas reserves be developed and advanced carbon capture and storage operations.

Eric May was awarded the Premier’s Scientist of the Year for 2021. This is awarded to a world class scientist who, over the past 10 years, has demonstrated excellence in a field of science, scientific research or technological advancement.

Eric is also the Chevron Chair in Gas Processing at The University of Western Australia (UWA) and together with Professor Michael Johns leads the Fluid Science and Resources Division in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics.

In 2012 Eric was awarded the Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year; for outstanding achievement in science that advances, or has the potential to advance, human welfare or benefits society.

Mitch Manning – Director – Business Operations

Mitch has over 13 years of international business management experience; over eight years as a business administrator in the Oil & Gas Industry working for Oilfield Technologies Pty Ltd. He has worked five years as a marketing manager in British Columbia, Canada where he has had strong experience with manufacturing in China. Mitch has completed a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University, Western Australia. He has also recently completed a course from Harvard Business School, Boston MA, in Leading Professional Service firms in 2019.

He is responsible for day to day business processes as well as being involved in the planning & execution of business strategies & sales activities.



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