Shanxi Mingshi Coal Seam Gas Group & Gas Capture Technologies Sign Commissioning Technology Contract


Gas Capture Technologies Australia (GCT) has signed a development of commissioning technology contract with China’s Shanxi Mingshi Coal Seam Gas Group Company in April 2020; GCT Australia has been commissioned to develop and install a prototype skid-mounted PSA facility to undertake the enrichment of CH4 from 35% to 90% through GCT’s revolutionary single step PSA and ILZ technologies (PCT Patent No. WO2016/04929A, US Patent No. US10,562,005). Comparing GCT’s novel ILZ with the activated charcoal adsorbents using the same facility and operational conditions; the enrichment of CH4 using ILZ is expected to be 30% higher than using activated charcoal, meanwhile, with comparable productivity.

We look forward to working together with our new Chinese partner to ensure a great success in the commissioning of our novel technologies.