GCT 512 (Carbon Dioxide Recovery)

Recover & Remove Carbon Dioxide from refinery gas streams – The carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery (CO2– EOR) technique has been widely applied to enhance oil production from low permeability aging oil fields. But CO2 concentration of the associated gas from the EOR process will vary from 5% to 90% with fluctuations, and on the other hand, a great deal of CO2 resource is needed for the EOR process. Thus it is of great significance to separate and recycle CO2 from associated gas produced by the EOR process, which not only enhances oil production but also reduces CO2 emissions.

GCT 511 with corresponding PSA technologies was developed specially by GCT to apply to CO2 removal and recovery from associated gas. The CO2/CH4 adsorption ratio of GCT 511 is up to 50%, which can easily adapt to the variation of CO2 content in the feed gas.

Purified Associated Gas Product Specifications

  • CO2 content:≤3vol%
  • Recovery rate of CH4:≥99%
  • Dew Point:≤-40℃

CO2 Product Specifications

  • CO2 content:≥98vol%
  • Recovery rate of CO2:≥90%

Field of Application

Oilfield associated gas and conventional natural gas fields with high CO2 content.