GCT 813 (Mercury Removal)

Mercury will damage Aluminium heat exchangers commonly used in LNG plants, cryogenic hydrocarbon recovery plants, and petrochemical plants due to the corrosive nature of Mercury.  So it is absolutely essential to remove mercury from natural gas to a level of 10ng/Nm3. Adsorption is the most effective process to remove mercury, which is used worldwide.

Purified Natural Gas

  • Hg content: ≤10ng/Nm3

Technical Characteristics

  • No sulfur dissolution compared with sulfur-impregnated adsorbents
  • High mercury capacity, high mercury adsorption rate, better resistance to liquid carry-over due to the large pore volume of the alumina carrier
  • Avoids capillary condensation of heavy hydrocarbons (C5+)
  • Operated in wet or dry natural gas

Field of Application: Natural gas, Oilfield Associated Gas, shale gas, etc.